Communicate your


Engage your


Amplify your


Tell your Story through


Video is active and current. A powerful video will get your story to your target audience with clarity and call them to action.

Engage your audience with the story and watch them ACT.
Educate a small group or your entire mailing list.
Expand the reach of your messaging and impact.

Every client is different, so every video is different. My commitment to you is that your project will be as unique as you are. Check out the Media Collaboration Partnership where we can work together over time, telling your story with depth and experience.

Contact me today to discuss how True Bearing Productions will gain results for you through the power of video.


HD Videography. | Non-Profit. Small Business and Corporate.

Video Editing. | Web Video and DVD Production.

Documentary. | Narrative Storytelling.

Story layout and planning assistance.

Three camera filming on-site

Scripting | Concept | Music Selection | Voice Over Talent