Deep-Rooted Partnership

Long Term Collaboration

Deep-Rooted Partnership: A long term story telling partnership, capturing the essence of your organization.

Have a videographer/media specialist in house or on your team! With a Deep-Rooted Partnership we sit down and map out your needs for a 12 month period to make the greatest impact possible. Then we break down monthly costs, making budgeting predictable and comfortable. It's as simple as that!

Our partnership allows us to collaborate on a deeper level than the course of one project will allow. The better I know your organization, the further our work will reach, reflecting greater return on your investment.

Services may include:

  • Videos for separate events happening throughout the year.
  • Internal videos for training volunteers or staff.
  • A video series leading clients toward a goal.
  • Organization of current media.
  • Filming of key events during the term of our agreement to build your library of footage.
  • Strategizing your future video needs.

Let's investigate how we can engage, educate and expand together.