Video Production & Editing Services

Remote Solutions; A Step Removed

Our ability to work from a distance is becoming commonplace. Together, we can produce a video from anywhere as long as you have some basic equipment and assistance.

True Bearing Productions supports you each step of the way as you you film, record, and transfer your own interviews, b-roll and photography elements to me for telling your story.



HD Videography | 3 Camera

Video Editing | Sound Editing

Project Organization | Script Writing

Production Music Library | Original music

A TRUE BEARING is the direction of an object (idea or vision) from a point (the beginning) relative to true north.

True Bearing Productions will create your project with strong messaging and creative imagery. Your story will be told with integrity, professionalism and consistent messaging.

Shall we make a video?
Initial conversation –
Fill out the questionnaire.
Quote –
You receive your estimate.
Contract –
Your down payment begins our adventure and payments plans are always available.

Feel -
We begin creating the story.
Scheduling -
In person/socially distanced video shoots!
Building  –
Photo, video, and musical elements are identified.

Shooting –
We find perfect location.
Direction –
I navigate you through the fun of videography.
Lighting – 
We use the best method to reflect the mood of our video project.

Editing –
Bringing hours of elements together.
Audio –
Clarity. This is the divider between professional and amateur video.
Subtleties -
Color correction, framing, flow, graphics, and many other adjustments.

Review and Deliver
1st Rough –
We find all the tweaks and changes.
2nd Rough –
One more time for anything we missed!
Final - Share your video with the world!